Professional Bartenders Know Every Tool Counts

Professional bartenders know that every tool counts. Giving your patrons the best exprience possible is what is going to set you apart. So why not up your game with bar tricks? A good bar trick, gag, bet, challenge or riddle can make a slow night some of the most fun and profitable.  Happy Bar-Flies stay longer and tip better!

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What a fun book!! Easy to read and follow the directions to these great tricks and gags!
I learned some and performed them at a family function … they were amazed and wanted more. I guess I need to work on some more! Great ice breaker tricks and conversation starter.

Gretchen Kueter

Be The Star of The Show

Tending to the bar can often feel like being on stage.  All eyes are on you as thirsty patrons line up looking forward to their tipple.  Bar tricks are a perfect way to elevate their experience to Top Shelf!

Big Fat Tips

If you take your customer that extra mile, they’ll pay handsomly to get them there.  Many bar tricks and bets involve coins and dollar bills.  Give em’ a show and the money will flow.  Cash is King!

Be “The” Bartender

Reputation matters.  When you have it, people will come back to get it. Yes, pouring a proper drink is important, but the best customers come back to the best.  101 bar tricks is simply a good idea!

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Sideshow Pete - Bar Tricks, Gags, Bets, & Challenges - Bartender Magazine
101 Ways to Amuse Abuse a bar-fly bar trick book

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This book is a must add to your library.  A clever collection of entrainment for hours on end.