Break the Ice and Meet New People with Bar Tricks

Do you feel like you’re always searching for that opening line?  Never making “The Move” because you lack confidence? Harboring regret for not approaching that beauty you locked eyes with so many times?

A good bar trick, using ordinary bar items, is a great option to break the ice.  Try a bet that is sure to get you a phone number.  Keep the conversation going with a trick using a straw or cocktail napkin.  Close the deal with a gag that only Mature Audience will appreciate and laugh all the way back to your place! 😉

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What a fun book!! Easy to read and follow the directions to these great tricks and gags!
I learned some and performed them at a family function … they were amazed and wanted more. I guess I need to work on some more! Great ice breaker tricks and conversation starter.

Gretchen Kueter

A Master Collection

Sideshow Pete didn’t just poach gags from the web.  He has been compiling them for over 20 years!  His first book gained copyright in 1995.  How fly is that?

Break The Ice Easy

Meeting people is hard.  Knowing what to say can be tough.  Awkward silences are just awkward.  This book has the intro, body, and close within the covers!

Make An Impression

This book will make the group think “how’d they do that?”  Or lead you to wake up the next morning laughing of the fun just had!  Why not give them something to talk about?!

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101 Ways to Amuse Abuse a bar-fly bar trick book

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