Learn The Best Gags And Pranks From A Seasoned Pro

Are you the type of person who likes a good prank?  Does a well-timed gag make you laugh for hours if not days later?  Then, 101 Ways to Amuse/Abuse a Bar-Fly by Sideshow Pete is for you!  The book is filled with great tricks, gags, bets, challenges and riddles.  This paperback is well presented with easy instructions and clear illustrations. Not to mention, it fits in your back pocket!

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What a fun book!! Easy to read and follow the directions to these great tricks and gags!
I learned some and performed them at a family function … they were amazed and wanted more. I guess I need to work on some more! Great ice breaker tricks and conversation starter.

Gretchen Kueter

A Master Collection

Sideshow Pete didn’t just poach gags from the web.  He has been compiling them for over 20 years!  His first book gained copyright in 1995.  How fly is that?

Gags For Every Occasion

Payback or just goofing around, delivery is the only thing separating a good gag vs a great one.  Fit the trick to the audience and have more fun everywhere!

Be The Ultimate Prankster

No one is safe from your antics. These gags and tricks are easily set up with ordinary bar items. They will leave the bar-fly stumped and everyone laughing!

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101 Ways to Amuse Abuse a bar-fly bar trick book

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Now’s the time! Pick up your copy of 101 Ways to Amuse Abuse a Bar-Fly for only $19.99 + Free Shipping. This clever book is a must add to your collection. You will have at your fingertips a treasure trove of fun to use on your friends and strangers.

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