10 Awesome Blaster Recipes to Try at the Bar.

By: Sideshow Pete


What is a blaster?

It’s a special type of alcoholic beverage where the drinker drops a shot into another glass filled with another drink. Then you drink it as quick as you can! Chug a lug! (You might know these as “bombs” but we don’t call them that here, find out why here).

10 Blaster Recipes

Original Blaster

  • Jager
  • Red Bull
  • Splash of cranberry juice

Summer Blaster

  • Vanilla vodka
  • Red Bull
  • splash of cran

Melody Blaster

  • Stoli Rasberri vodka
  • Red Bull
  • Splash o cran

Chupacabra Blaster

  • Jager
  • Tequila
  • Red Bull
  • Splash o pineapple

Dirty Tuaca Blaster

  • Tuaca
  • Apple Pucker
  • Red Bull

Vitamin C Blaster

  • Absolut Mandarin, or Citron
  • Red Bull
  • Splash of OJ

Tropical Blaster

  • Mango and Pineapple Rum,
  • Red Bull and
  • Splash of cran

Master Blaster

  • 151
  • Red Bull
  • Splash of cran

Jammer Blaster

  • Crown Royal
  • Red Bull
  • Splash o cran

Tweakin’ Puerto Rican Blaster

  • Malibu and splash of 151
  • Red Bull
  • Splash o’ pineapple

Want Even More Blaster Recipes?

If you aren’t blasted enough we have even more recipes for you. Check out this page with these 10 recipes plus 15 more! That’s 25 blaster recipes.