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Buy 5 Copies Here - Save 20% Buy 1 Copy Here Bartenders love this book! That's because as a Bartender, knowing tricks, gags, bets, challenges, and riddles will put you in a position to impress, entertain, and provide excellent service to your patrons. Do you thrive in the spotlight?  Are you always telling stories and amusing friends?  Do you need icebreakers to meet people?  Do you want to win bets or free drinks?  If you do, 101 Ways to Amuse/Abuse a Bar-Fly is for you! Or, maybe playing pranks is your thing.  You knew your way around trick gum, joy buzzers, and whoopee cushions at an early age.  Now you’re a little older and much more sophisticated. Your pranks need to grow up too.  101 Ways to Amuse/Abuse a Bar-Fly is packed so you can keep your trickster library full. Don’t hesitate, add this great book to your collection today.
  • Over 200 Pages
  • 68 New Illustrations
  • All New Layout & Design
  • New & Clear Instructions