Bar Humor

5 Cool Bar Tricks You Can Do Right Now.

By: Sideshow Pete

cool kids doin bar tricks light leak

Do you hear that? Crickets. The worst sound in any group interaction. You would think that being out at a bar would liven things up, but sometimes converstations grow dull and then the deafining roar of nothing. Let’s not do that.

Instead, let’s spice things up with a cool bar trick or gag. we have collected a few of our favorites and listed them below. Make sure to practice and work on your delivery. Stick the landing and everyone is sure to have a good time. But if you want to check out more head to our bar trick page here!

Except the Bar-Fly you gag with the fifth trick. Oof. 😂🚭


Bar Trick – Pick Up A Bottle Using Only A Straw

On the outside this one seems impossible. Once you know how it’s done, it all makes sense. Pro tip: use this one to bet a friend for the ‘next round’ and enjoy a free drink!

Required Items:  1x Long Neck Beer Bottle 1x Straw


Bar-Fly May Not: Wrap the straw around the neck of the bottle.

A long neck bottle and a straw

Bend the end of the straw to the width of the mouth of the bottle (about 1/2 to 1 inch). Push it in the bottle, catch the end of the straw and the bent edge of the straw just below the lip of the bottleneck. Lift the bottle from the bar.

Bent straw in neck of bottle lets you lift bottle with just a straw.


Bar Riddle – The Six Oranges

“There are 6 oranges in a bag. There are 6 kids in a line. Each kid in line is given an orange but there is still one left in the bag. How can this be?”

The sixth kid gets one of the oranges still inside the bag.


Bar Trick – Impossible Bill Grab

This is another bar trick that will start turning heads. Once you begin pulling out money (especially a big bill) and setting up the trick people start turning heads. Be sure to practice this one though, with all those eyes watching you want to make sure you nail it.

This one has a video! Wanna watch? Head over to the trick page here to see how it’s done.

Required Items:  3x Quarters, 1x Crisp Dollar Bill, 1x Beer Bottle

Set-Up:  Stack and center the quarters over the bill on top of the bottle as shown.


Bar-Fly May Not: Fold the Bill, pick up the Bill, with the Quarters atop, or touch the Quarters.

Most Flashy Solution:
Moisten tips of fingers with saliva. With firm fingers, quickly slap down one side of the Bill.

Most Reliable Solution:
Quickly pull the Bill left or right so the Bill slides out from under the Quarters. This creates the least amount of friction being the thinnest side of the Bill so the Quarters have less chance to move from the lip of the bottle.

A Sideshow Pete Ad:


Bar Trick – Empty the Shot Glasses Without Touching Either Glass

This cool bar trick uses a bit of science to execute. The Set-Up is sort of a trick in itself, you’ll need access to a sink filled with water.  Also, get out the Bar Rag in anticipation of a little mess.

Required Items:  2 shot glasses, water, and straw.

Set-Up:  Place the shot glasses lip to lip and submerge them in a sink of water.  Fill both and place on the bar.

Trick:  To get the water out of the top shot glass, while keeping both glasses lip to lip.

Rule:  Bar-Fly may not touch either glass physically with anything.

Solution: Blow through a straw on the seal of the glasses to displace the water from the top glass. Get out the Bar Rag!


Bar Gag – How Does Richard Nixon Smoke A Cigarette?

Anymore, most bars are non-smoking.  But there are still people out there who don’t get the hint. Show them how Richard Nixon smokes… or rather, doesn’t smoke.  Be ready for a bewildered (and maybe a little angry) Bar-Fly at the end of this one. But hey, they should’ve known better in the first place.

richard nixon illustration peace fingers

Required Items: 1x Lit Cigarette being smoked by the Bar-Fly.

Gag:  To demonstrate how Richard Nixon smokes a cigarette…

illustration cigarette and pack of cigarettes bar trick magic

Solution: Nixon preferred non-filtered cigarettes.… So, the filter must be removed (rip the filter from the cigarette). But Nixon quit smoking…. So, this cigarette must be put out (stamp the cigarette out in the ashtray).



Bar tricks are a lot of fun! So are bar gags, bets, challenges, and riddles. Each one is bound to break the silence, change the topic, and keep the party moving.

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