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5 Bar Pranks For A Night Out.

By: Sideshow Pete

Sideshow Pete - 5 Bar Pranks Gags Going Out

Going out and grabbing a few drinks is always an adventure. One thing that can make the night even better is a good prank or gag. How many laughs depends on how big and well thought through it is. Getting inspired isn’t always easy however. To help, we put a few pranks and gags together for you.

Of course, we take no responsibility for your mischief or actions should you try any. Each one we picked, we think are pretty funny. Our goal: To offer up some ideas. If you love a good prank or gag, keep reading… It’s about to get good!

Why not a pre-party prank? Prior to the crew rallying at your house for that pre-party cocktail or beer, try filling your medicine cabinet with Ping Pong balls. You’ll find out real quick if any of your pals are snooping around.

1. The ol’, “Fill the Medicine Cabinet with Ping Pong Balls” Prank

  • Step 1: Purchase a few dozen Ping Pong balls.
  • Step 2: Open medicine cabinet.
  • Step 3: Take a piece of paper and cover the opening of the cabinet.
  • Step 4: Fill behind the paper with Ping Pong balls.
  • Step 5: Close the medicine cabinet with paper still behind mirror.
  • Step 6: Slide paper out from behind the cabinet door.
  • Step 7: Wait.

2. Sideshow Pete on the Street: “Ain’t that a Peach” Gag

Proud to offer up one of our own! It’s #45 from the book “101 Ways to Amuse/Abuse a Bar-Fly.”
If the bar has cloth napkins or bar rag, and bar fruit you can make this one work. It’s all in the delivery. The reaction can vary, so be ready to duck if she take a swing at ya!

A Sideshow Pete Ad:

3. Bouncer Pee Prank

The next prank is simple to set up but requires a ton of courage. Personally, I wouldn’t have the guts to do this prank, but it’s a good one. But be warned, you’re about to “piss” off a bouncer in a big way.
Set-up is easy and only requires a water bottle.
BE WARNED: Catch one of these gatekeepers on a bad night and you could lose your head!

4. Cocktail Name Prank

Also found on YouTube, we move to the other side of the bar. This one could very easily get you kicked out. That said, proper execution is going to be essential if you plan on staying. Know when enough is enough. Kind of important not piss off your bartender. If you act smooth, make a joke of it, you will nail it and get a ton of laughs in the process!

5. Bar Rodeo

Sideshow PEte 101 Amuse Abuse Book Page Gag 66 Bar Rodeo

We’d like to end with #66, another one from the book “101 Ways to Amuse/Abuse a Bar-Fly.”
Funniest way I’ve seen it was between a girl and a guy. The guy was totally wasted. Tell me this isn’t funny!


Gags and pranks are meant to be fun. They can be a great way to liven up a night. Many require some preparation, some simply require creativity.
Know your audience and know when enough is enough. If you do it right, you can easily create a night that nobody will ever forget. A night that you’ll talk about for decades to come!

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