10 Of The Most Popular Hangover Cures.

By: Kyle P.


You have had a few, and maybe a few too many, so now you are on the hunt for a hangover cure. The internet is full of advice; too much advice some may say. That’s why we have distilled it down to our top 10 favorites.

Let’s dive in.

1 – Drink less

If you want to stop the problem at the source it’s always a good idea to drink less. Finding different cocktails and beverages can help you savor the flavor for much longer. Layering in your buzz will keep you in control even after a few. Not to mention the hangover the next day will be much less severe. If you are looking for some new recipes be sure to check out our 7 best summer cocktails here.

2 – Tactful Drinking

Alternating between cocktails and water/orange juice can be a great way to stay hydrated. Soda helps alcohol absorb faster, so try to avoid that as your in-between beverage.. Orange juice will prevent hangovers better since it will help maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

A tall orange juice and a snack is perfect in between drinks. – Photo by Helio Ha on Unsplash

3 – Sleep

Giving your body time to recover from a hangover is essential. This hangover cure isn’t exactly a cure, it just gives your body more time to recover. If you plan your nights out well you can allow for plenty of sleep the next day.

4 – Hydrate

A seemingly obvious hangover cure staying hydrated is essential. This is because drinking actively drains your body of fluids and it’s your job to replace them. Water is good but Pedialyte is a tried and true method of rehydrating quickly. I prefer mine chilled. Drink it before going to bed and upon waking up. Your body will thank you.

5 – Eat a Big Meal

A big part in curing your hangover is replacing the nutrients your body flushed out the night before. Eating a big meal the next day will help to replace the all the carbs, sugars and vitamins you flushed out. This balancing of your blood sugar will help to reduce nausea and fatigue.

6 – Hair of the Dog

This controversial hangover cannot be ignored. Why? Because it works. Simply put, when you reintroduce alcohol into your “hungover” system, it prevents more toxic compounds from being made. But this is a slippery slope, drinking the next morning can easily lead to alcohol abuse.

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7 – IV Drip

One of the fastest hangover cures is the IV drip. It will send hydration right into your blood which will quickly spread to all the dry parts of your body. But its availability and cost may be a factor to cure your hangover.

8 – KSS Formula

This is an ancient Chinese remedy for drinking too much alcohol. It’s a combination of three ingredients, tangerine pith, ginger, and brown sugar. Finding the tangerine may be difficult where you are located. Although the pharmacology isn’t conclusive yet, this tea can be a great hangover cure.

Blog 2 jonathan-pielmayer tangarene orangeSSP -_

There is something powerful in tangerines that combat hangovers. – Photo by Jonathan Pielmayer on Unsplash

9 – Medicine

Over-the-counter meds can be an essential part of your hangover cure. Aspirin can be a good way to deal with headaches but can lead to ulcers if used frequently. Antacids can help with tummy troubles, but be sure to avoid acetaminophen. Acetaminophen is metabolized by the liver which is already under a lot of stress from the alcohol.

Blog 3 freestocks-org bunch of pills assorted medicine SSP -_

Not my first choice for curing a hangover, but when severe medicine can provide a ton of relief. – Photo by on Unsplash

10 – Exercise

After everything is said and done your body can only neutralize so much toxic stuff. You need to help it get out through breathing, sweating, and cycling your fluids. Exercise is a great way to do that. But be warned, if you are dehydrated exercise can become dangerous.


The cure for hangovers may not come in a single pill yet. But by combining a bit of prevention and a little aftercare you can feel great quicker than ever before. The key takeaways here are staying hydrated and using moderation. Oh and Pedialyte.