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Sex Toys: A Nod To Dennis Hof.

By: Pete M. (AKA Sideshow Pete)


If you’ve ever seen the show Cathouse on HBO, visited the Moonlight Bunny Ranch, or read the book, “The Art of the Pimp” you likely knew of the man, Dennis Hof. Dennis Hof was truly one of the greats, and I’m honored to say that I knew him. He was a friend. He was taken too soon.

While Dennis was alive, I regret not to have learned more about that which I know he would have had answers to. Answers to keys to picking up woman, and the art of lovemaking. Truly an opportunity lost.

Dennis Hof over the Moonlite Bunny Ranch.

Dennis Hof over the Moonlite Bunny Ranch.

Not sure I have the sex drive that Dennis had, but I definitely enjoy sex. I enjoy the whole sexual game. The game of meeting a beautiful woman, getting to first base, then creating the opportunity to have an intimate evening/experience with that beautiful woman.

My end game isn’t necessarily sex (Dennis would kill me if he heard me admit that, but I know that he would respect it). Getting to any of the bases with a beautiful woman, makes me smile into next week. I’m a romantic at heart. And like Daddy D, I love beautiful women!

Selecting a Toy

I did learn a number of things from my good friend. One of which is:
Have a selection of sex toys.

Whatever you’re into from the Double-Headed Jelly Dong, the Rabbit Wiggler, the Vibrating Cock-Ring… it’s best to be prepared. Whatever she’s into or wants to be into from the Butt Plug, the G Spot Vibe, or the high-end Shibari… be ready.
Sex toys come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Some require batteries, imagination, and/or lube. Price can range from a couple of dollars to hundreds of dollars.

If you’re shopping for sex toys, it’s fun to go exploring in an “Adult Souvenir” store. All the Ranches in Carson City sell a range of toys ( Of course, online is easy, saves embarrassment, and has everything imaginable and then some!
Try: or

*I’m told that Dennis’ favorites were Hand-Cuffs and the HITACHI Magic Wand.

A Sideshow Pete Ad:

Being Real

My opinion, the goal should be to help a woman come to climax. As many times as possible! Problem is, some women have never had an orgasm or have difficulty getting there. The bigger problem, most men have no idea how to bring a woman to climax. That’s one topic I wish I had discussed with Dennis. He knew. I’m still learning.

This is where the toys come into play. A simple vibrator used correctly can be the vehicle that takes a woman to that place. Breaking out any toy can be a bit shocking for a man or a woman. But if embraced, watch out!

It would be irresponsible if I didn’t address safe sex.
If you advance from toys to penetration, wear a condom!
Like or don’t like places like the Moonlight Bunny Ranch, Kit Kat Ranch, Sagebrush Ranch, or Love Ranch… They require condom use!
If you use a toy with multiple partners, clean them after every use… Or put a condom on it!

Sex Toys A Nod to Dennis Hof Assprted sex tpys cuffs dongs dildos vibrators anal beads

A wide selection of sex toys are available to those willing to try them.


I miss my friend, Dennis Hof. He was a good man who enjoyed the company of beautiful women, lots of beautiful women. October 16, 2019, it’s said he was found next to a Magic Wand in his bed. Rest in peace and love Dennis!

Once, he sent me 7 toys for my birthday. I’ll never forget that present. I like to gift a good vibrator, jelly dong, or cockring to friends occasionally to spice up their love-life. I like the look on a beautiful woman’s face when I bust a vibrator out. But I especially like the results when rounding the bases using toys.

Be safe. Be clean. Be responsible. Be respectful. Be the best you can be, in bed!